Amsar Yunan

Department of Computer Engineering, Politeknik Aceh Selatan, Indonesia
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Maps or remote sensing can be interpreted as the process of reading using various sensors where data collected remotely can be analyzed to obtain information about the object, area or phenomenon. In this study, the author develops a flood disaster mapping information system applying overlays with scoring between the parameters. The determinant factors to provide flood hazard levels includes rainfall factors in the dasarian unit, land-use factors and land-use arbitrary factors. Of all these parameters, a scoring process will be carried out by assigning weights and values according to their respective classifications, then an overlay process will be performed using ArcGIS software. The author conducted this study in Nagan Raya Regency since this area experiences flooding annually.  Framing a thematic map of flood-prone areas in Nagan Raya Regency was designed using the flood hazard method. Spatial data that has been presented in the form of thematic maps as parameters are land use maps, landform maps, and dasarian rainfall maps (per 10 daily). The design of thematic maps that are prone to flooding is done by overlapping (overlay process). In contrast, the determination of the classification is done by adding scores to each parameter, with low, medium and high hazard levels. Parameter analysis shows the level of flood vulnerability in Nagan Raya Regency of each district, namely Beutong: high 0.21%, medium 13.68%, low 86.12%. Seunagan District: high 51.17%, medium 48.83%, low 0%. Seunagan Timur District: high 10.07%, medium 46.18%, low 43.75%. Kuala Subdistrict: high 29.66%, medium 68.99%, low 1.35%. Darul Makmur District: high 8.57%, medium 63.37%, low 28.06%. From the overall results of the study, it can be concluded that the danger of flooding in Nagan Raya Regency with a level of vulnerability: high 9.92%, moderate 42.65% and low 47.43%.

KeywordsFlood, Geographic Information System, Overlay, Map.


Published On: 30 April 2020


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